Great Picnics For Two Are Not Always Romantic

Most often when thinking about picnics for two, we think of a couple having a romantic outing. A least that is where my thoughts turn when writing descriptions for some of my picnic products. Yet as a child many of my best picnics were with my grandmother. We had memorable picnics for two.

My grandmother packed her picnic basket and we would go to the lake, or the little zoo or the park. Grandmother would push me on a swing for awhile and then sit down while I played on other things. Then we would have our picnic lunch. If other kids came around she would always share our food.

Occasionally I moved away from my home town but visited often to see my family and friends. I always took my grandma out to lunch although she would fuss about the expense. On one visit she had a surprise for me when I picked her up. She had packed her picnic basket with food and her own lemonade for our lunch.

After I finally got her tucked into my car I asked her where she wanted to picnic. She directed me out of the city to a country gravel road where she told me to pull over. I dropped over as far as possible, probably certain we would not get hit by another car.

I was not as sure about a farmer driving some big piece of farm machinery past us. While I anxiously watched the farmer, Grandma unpacked her peanut butter and honey sandwiches on her home made bread. The same sandwiches she always made for all of our picnics. I poured the lemonade into the same cups we had used when I was a child.

When I asked her why we were having a picnic in my car on a country road she pointed to the farm house across the road. Grandma had grown up in that farm house and started telling me stories about her childhood. I had heard many of her stories but as she talked I could see her with her brothers and sisters working and playing on that farm.

My grandmother died many years ago though I think of her often. Most of my thoughts are about the good times we had on our picnics for two because it was our time that I did not have to share with my siblings.

People often say we are too busy these days with work and all the gadgets distracting us. The world is changing so fast it is hard enough just to keep up at the expense of simple yet memorable times with loved ones.

It is an easy trap to fall into. Yet Grandmother, born before cars and airplanes were invented and living beyond the first moon landing, never allowed the quickening pace of life to keep her cultivating her friendships and personal relationships.

To this day Grandma is remembered and loved by many, because she took time to let each of us know we were special to her. It was not a problem for her to make individual time for those she loved, it was a priority. Although not as faithful as Grandma, it is from her I know the value of making time for the special friends and family in my life.

Source by Febe Van Zanten

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